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For classes 9th and 10th.

1st batch starting from 5th May, 2022.

2nd batch starting from 9th May, 2022.

3rd batch starting from 14th May, 2022.

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Our story 👇

It's easy to mug. How to think better is the question.

Mrs. Sushmita Basu Paul when starting boson didn't want to start just another tuition class. In 15+ years of teaching, she's realised teaching students how to ace the A grade is easy.

But how teaching them how to think, how to build a strong foundation before learning anything, how to work in teams, how to create new things together, how to network in the real world with your peers, how to relate with scientifical concepts that you see in movies and how to make learning a constant endeavour, not just in the classroom.

These were the things Sushmita Ma'am and her team wanted to deliver to the students.

Teaching is her passion, and students are the fuel to the passion, with thousands of ex students that till date still cherish learning with her, she wanted to spread this joy of learning with an even wider group of people.

This is how Boson came to be :) Mrs. Sushmita Basu Paul when starting Boson didn't want to start just another tution class. In 15+ years of teaching, she's realised teaching students how to ace the A grade is easy.

Sushmita Ma'am
Mrs. Sushmita Basu Paul


Reimagining education.
Coz there's a lot outside the classroom too :)

Using technology, nurturing 360° growth

With Boson Classes, we didn't want to start just another tuition class. We wanted to work on 2 things:

1. Real value classes, that enables access to almost every student, anywhere, anytime.

2. Building a community, of like minded students, that discuss more than just marks. Bringing young, energetic and purposeful minds together has always brought unthinkable changes!

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being Your unfair advantage

We aim to bring the best learning systems to your fingertips, with benefits that far exceed just academics

Live classes from Sushmita Ma'am, Recorded Lectures, One of it's kind Discord Community that plays as hard as it works, Sci-Fi movie sessions to imbibe scientific thinking, Skill-Fests that help students learn and showcase their real world skills, whether it's coding a food delivery app, making a digital portrait, or playing the Symphony #49 on the Piano.

The stage is yours!

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Live and recorded classes!

Attend classes live with Sushmita Ma'am.. Got something urgent? No worries, recorded lectures have got your back.

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Doubt Solving and Solutions from IITians!

All your doubts, numericals, problems, cleared during the live class or the next day, in the way an IITian would solve it!

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Student Discord Community

No company was built without friends. Our Discord community helps studnents, learn, earn, share and grow together! A bunch of good folks go a loooong way together!

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100% MoneyBack Refund Policy!

Not feeling the vibe in the class? Get your money back within 7 days. [ We understand :) ]

Our process

The onboarding process

All this starts with the free consultation call, and ends with you being a student at Boson!
Take a look at the process below..

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Discovery -Free Consultation Call

In this call, we'll know, and talk about your academic problems, hurdles, your strengths and weaknesses and guide you on how Boson can help you ace those exams!

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Form Filing

You fill up the form on the website, or give us a call and we can help you register with your personal details. This includes the subjects you'd like to opt for and your grade.

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Registration and payment

After filling the form, you register with us by paying the monthly fee, by depositing the money on the mentioned UPI ID. After this just send us the screenshot and we'll verify.

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After successful registration, we'll get you through the onboarding process that includes adding you to the Whatsapp Groups, letting you know your schedule and also making you a member of the Boson Discord Community where you can hang out with your friends!

Happy Learning! and more...

Once you've got on board with us, you're ready to take your classes! Batches are starting from 1st May, 2022!

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Personal Support

Whether it's a question related to bonding of atoms, or your next career decision. We are here to solve it all. Personal support whenever you require it!

Our students just love how we teach!

We take pride in the love that we get

With thousands of students, trained and taught by Sushmita Ma'am, it is immensely rewarding when our students still remember us, and tell us how amazing it was to learn and grow together!

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I can't help but say this, Sushmita Ma'am is like my second mother. Whenever I have been in any problem or stuck somewhere, she's always helped me out with her guidance..

Akanksha Singh

I have not had a more dedicated and concerned teacher than Sushmita Ma'am in all of my school life. My chemistry concepts became very solid after learning from her and she also makes the classes very interesting and interactive!

Aditya Rai

I remember I used to wait for my school to end so I could go back to Ma'am and understand better with her.. She is the best teacher I have ever studied with! I miss you Ma'am.

Aditi Mishra

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